• As soon as the eggs are placed in the salty water the larvae hatch, which then grow into small shrimp. You can find everything you will need in this experimentation k
  • Learn magic tricks step-by-step. Using the magic utensils in this kit and the coloured step-by-step instructions, performing magic will be a piece of cake
  • COMING SOON!Use the special putty and plastic parts, to form cool monsters and funny aliens, simply attach the accessories to create your monster! The intelligent putty changes within a few minutes due to its special characteristics.
  • COMING SOON!Whether it be balls, snakes or jellyfish – using this experimentation kit, you can form and study all kinds of slimy giant molecules. Become a slime master and carry out fun experiments!
  • COMING SOON!Watch how beautiful crystals grow from the white crystal salt, some water and dye! You will also learn what crystals actually are and how their various forms come about.
  • COMING SOON!Leave crystals to grow all over your plaster mould and watch how a beautiful crystal geode forms.
  • COMING SOON!Make your own bouncy balls in various colours. Pour the coloured material into the spherical mould, dip it in water and voila! You have awesome bouncing planets!
  • COMING SOON!Excavate the minerals like a real geologist. Five different gems stones are hiding in the soft plaster material. Find out more about the minerals in the coloured instructions.