• Make your own colourful glow in the dark bouncy balls! Using the special granules and the mould, you can make your own spherical and square bouncy balls in a wide variety of different colours. Your bouncy balls do not contain any additives that make them permanently soft. After 2 to 3 days, they will dry out again and lose their bounce.

    Age 8+

  • Experimental fun with invisible forces. Learn how to build a compass and where the magnetic poles are. With additional magnetic games.Age 8+COMING SOON!
  • Grow large crystals using a new, innovative method of crystal growing. Create a real crystal world with individual crystals, a crystal chain and other exciting experiments.Age 8+Coming soon!

  • Bring the prehistoric back to life! Set up the pool and in less than 48 hours the first salt crustaceans will start to hatch and whizz around. Complete set with eggs, special salt, food and tank.Age 8+COMING SOON!


    Mix all different kinds of slime, even luminescent galaxy slime. Experiment with terrestrial and extra-terrestrial slime and delve into the exciting world of the slime alien.

    Age 8+